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One of the nice new features of the 11.2 installer for the Database (and indeed the installer for Enterprise Manager 12c) is the ability to tell the setup software to download any post release recommended updates for the product and to apply them at install time. The installer first of all prompts you for your My Oracle Support details

It then presents you with a list of recommended updates. The screen below is for Oracle Database on Windows Server x64.


This screen looks pretty good, allowing us to apply the recommended patch 12914926 which is Patch Bundle 11 as part of our install. This is much smoother than the old system of running an install, then downloading a patch manually, then running OPatch and applying the patch. In general I’m a fan of this feature. The only real problem that I can see is in that little disclaimer on the credential entry screen.

be aware that they may not include all patch updates to the software.

I had assumed that this meant that recommended updates, but not new patchsets ( is out for example) would be included in this list. However if I use the My Oracle Support recommended patch feature for Oracle Database on Windows Server x64 Patch 12914296 is not listed, Patch 13373446 is listed instead. If one looks directly for patch 12914296 Oracle’s patch search notes

This patch has been superseded. Please see the reason stated below.

Reason for Superseding
Patch 13038788 is a super set of Patch 12914926
Note: This patch was originally replaced by patch 13038788. The most recent replacement for this patch is 13373446. If you are downloading patch 12914926 because it is a prerequisite for another patch or patchset, you should verify whether or not 13373446 is suitable as a substitute prerequisite before downloading it.

In short the recommended patches listed by the installer may not be the recommended patches for your product.

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