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Installing SQL*Developer on Debian Based Distributions

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Oracle provide a free tool SQL*Developer that I rather like. Recently it has had a significant update to version 4 which is available as a beta/early adopter release at this link. The only slight difficulty is that unlike previous releases there is no zip or tarball of the installation. In my case I run Ubuntu which is a debian derived distribution and doesn’t natively support the RPM format available from Oracle. Never the less installation is fairly straightforward. This post describes how I did this after first downloading the package above – I already had jdk 7 installed.

Obtain Required Utility

The utility Alien is available to convert software packages made for distirbution into one suitable for a different distribution. In my case Alien is available from the ubuntu channels. The first step therefore is to install alien. Fire up a command line and type

sudo apt-get alien

This will install alien and any dependencies – in my case there were a fair few.
Once alien is installed convert the package and its post install scripts as follows.

sudo alien --scripts sqldeveloper-

This will unpackage the rpm and then repackage a .deb debian package. I obtained sqldeveloper_4. Finally install the new package using the dpkg utility that underlies aptitude.

sudo dpkg -i sqldeveloper_4.

This installed the bright shiny new SQL*Developer

Screenshot from 2013-08-09 16:23:15

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